Tomorrow is the big day

Oct 16, 2007 Published by Tony Primerano

Since its in all the papers now, I guess its safe to blog about the AOL layoffs that are coming tomorrow. This will be about the 9th round of layoffs since I've been with AOL.. Not that I'm counting but we usually have about 1 round a year.

Will I still work for AOL tomorrow? I can say with 100% confidence that I will still be employed by AOL but that doesn't mean I won't be laid off.  Thanks to the WARN act, anyone axed tomorrow is still an employee for 60 days. That said I honestly don't think I'm getting laid off but someone is always surprised. Maybe it will be me this time.

So what's my plan for tomorrow?

1) get to work around 6:30AM and hit the gym

2) call into my 7:30AM meeting with Bangalore (from the gym) and hope that the team there is still intact

3) Head to my cube and for a depressing day

Some of the headlines that came in on my "aol layoffs" alert today.
Google News Alert for: aol layoffs

AOL Layoffs Highlight Time Warner's Quandary - USA
By Nat Worden News of more layoffs at AOL came as no surprise on Wall Street, where recent setbacks for the beleaguered Web concern have convinced many ...

» AOL to lay off 2000; 750 in Northern Virginia « - USA
The AOL layoffs aren't the largest set of job cuts to hit the region; MCI cut 3500 jobs when Verizon purchased it in 2005.

AOL (TWX) Layoffs: T Minus One*
Silicon Alley Insider - New York,NY,USA
Assuming the AOL mass layoffs aren't just an elaborate ruse to make us look like idiots (possible but unlikely, given the number of sources), a thousand or ...

AOL To Lay Off 2000 Out of Its 10K Employees - Los Angeles,CA,USA
By Rafat Ali - Mon 15 Oct 2007 08:12 AM PST The much-rumored AOL (NYSE: TWX) layoffs have been officially announced, at least internally. ...

AOL to Cut Workforce by 20 Percent
Washington Post - United States
In December, AOL completed a major layoff of nearly 600 employees locally and 5000 worldwide as part of a major restructuring.