Can we kill www.?

Dec 12, 2007 Published by Tony Primerano

I was going to write about how much I hate December but instead I'll attack www. :-)

Now I love the World Wide Web but I hate typing www for web sites. I'm specifying http:// and I'm hitting port 80, i expect a web page. So why do so many sites still expect you to type www. then the domain name? My site works fine with or but there are still plenty of sites that just plain break if you don't add the www. A friend of mine worked at a startup and he mentioned the company name so I entered and I got some guys personal web page. As it turns out one of the employees was using the base domain as his personal web site. No one at the company noticed because they always typed www first. I wonder how many people like me landed on this guys page instead of the company page. Needless to say this was corrected after I brought this issue to the attention of my friend.

That was a few years ago but there are still plenty of examples today. Here is the most recent one I stumbled on works correctly but returns a directory listing error. Come on Warren, surely you can get Bill Gates to fix this for you. :-)  Any competent IT professional could fix this issue in a few minutes. Of course the site is running on Microsoft IIS so maybe this takes days. I live in an Apache world were everything is easy and free.

Ok, enough picking on Warren and Bill, I own stock in both of their companies so they have the last laugh anyway. :-) But please fix the www. I never type www. unless a site won't work otherwise.

Did I mention that I hate December?

  • just hit another one today. displays "Coming soon". What a POS

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