Dumping Blockbuster online for Redbox

Mar 12, 2008 Published by Tony Primerano

Over the past few years my Blockbuster subscription fee has increased and the number of in store exhanges allowed has decreased.   At the same time my queue is running on empty.   At 1st there were tons of movies I wanted to see but now I'm caught up and I don't have the desire to rent more than 1 move a week.

What are 4 movies a month worth?   If I use Redbox those 4 movies will cost me $4 (if I return them in 24 hours).  With Blockbuster Online only the cost is $9 (no in store exhanges).
Sure  I can keep the blockbuster movies as long as I want but I only watch them once and why not just grab one when I know I have time to watch it.

The trouble with Redbox in the past was that you never knew what was going to be in the box when you got there.  They recently made my local Redbox part of their online rental system so that problem is solved.

There is a remaining issue that I hope Redbox is working on.  There are frequently people browsing movies when you get to the box.   You need to wait for them to finish before you can return a movie or pick up your movie, that you ordered online.   They should have an online pickup and return slot on the side so those of us impatient people don't need to pace around behind the people browsing titles.   :-)

Bye Bye Blockbuster.   I suspect next year I'll be able to dump Comcast an use Antenna and the web for my television consumption.