Snow removal in Montgomery County Maryland

Dec 19, 2009 Published by Tony Primerano

Back in February 2003 we got about 2 feet of snow in Montgomery County Maryland.   The snow plows completely ignored the side streets and focused on the primary roads.

The result?   3 days after the storm my street looked like this.

3 days after the storm

When the small plows finally came they were unable to deal with the heavy/wet snow so it took them a while to clear the streets.

I hope this doesn't happen again.  It's not like I live in the middle of nowhere.  300 ft up my street is 7 Locks Road which was kept clear.  Unfortunately,  "up" is the operative word here and no one was able to escape before the plows came.

I'm still hoping FedEx makes it today,  but the mailman got stuck a few hours ago so I'm not counting on it. :-(  I did make the mailman's day by helping him get out.


I'm happy to report that my street was plowed around 4PM on the 20th so we were snowed in for less than 48 hours.

  • A photo of Celeste Abrams Celeste Abrams says:

    Well it is the blizzad of 2010. Starting last Sat. there has been NO RELIEF from Montgomery County in removal of snow in our street. Impending storm scheduled for Tuesday,2/9/2010 and Wednesday, 2/10/2010, we were definitely abandoned. We have been told that Old Baltimore Road in Brookeville is passable. People say it looks like my street was sliced off like a piece of cake and set aside. I thought we were county residents. We pay taxes.

  • Yeah, the snow this time is much heavier than December. Those little landscaping contractor trucks are taking hours to plow a few blocks. I'm actually surprised with the progress they have made so far. The county doesn't have the equipment to move this kind of snow (as no county this far south should). Hope the next storm isn't too big. We're already crippled.

  • A photo of Abby Abby says:

    Do you do snow removal in Damascus MD.? Pls. call me me at 301 253-(removed). Thank You, Abby

  • I don't remove snow. I just comment on it. :-) FYI. here are some maps the county is putting together to track progress. (this doesn't help businesses like yours find removal companies, sorry. Removing your phone number as I'm not sure you wanted it in the comments. )

  • A photo of Doug Doug says:

    Does anyone have a list of companies that do snow removal/plowing for residential clients? I am trying to find companies that will bid for our entire community.