AIM Pages Modules / Web Services Examples

Dec 20, 2011 Published by Tony Primerano

AIM Pages Modules

Now that AIM Pages has been killed and the new does not support modules. I've considered writing widgets for Facebook and other networks but I'm pretty uninspired. Their APIs are very limited. The visitors module on AIM Pages was really cool but none of the networks out there today are going to let you track user information.

Old notes: I have built a handful of modules for Aim Pages. Technical details can be found in the Web Services Examples section below. For general questions See my AIM Pages Modules FAQ

Web Services Examples

When people start talking about Web Services they often start talking SOAP. SOAP is fine for banks and other huge companies but for simple services that are built for the world to enjoy a simple REST based service will suffice.

There is plenty of information on REST if you Google it.. By some definitions all web pages are REST and that's my take. There are some deeper academic ways of building a REST service but when I talk about REST I'm just discussing making simple requests via HTTP and getting results. Yeah. My services are closer to XML-RPC than REST but at least they aren't SOAP.

My Services so far

I built these for AIM Pages but since that product was decommissioned these are no longer in use.