AIM Pages Modules FAQ

Dec 20, 2011 Published by Tony Primerano

FAQ for AIM Pages Modules

See also the AIM Pages FAQ for general questions. See just my modules in action here or my page that is loaded with modules

Ellen Community Module FAQ

This is not my module but I have some answers.

  • My minipic is not showing in the Ellen Community
    • There are 32 randomly selected minipics in this module. As more people join your chances of showing up shrink.  ;-)

Fortune Module FAQ

Also Known As "Random Quote"

  • Where is this thing
    • Under construction -> Fortune

rockyou-unauth Module FAQ

  • Where is this thing
    • Under construction -> rockyou-unauth
  • What is an instanceId?
    • When you create a slideshow on it will have an instanceId. This will show in the URL or on the page that gives you html to embed it in the page. Just use the instanceId and not the supplied html code.


web-ring Module FAQ

Also Known As "Random Quote"

  • Where is this thing
    • Under construction -> web-ring
  • Who shows up here?
    • The service picks people out of a list of several thousand people with profiles. I occasionally update the list. I have not reviewed the list so if something offensive shows up let the aimpages team know and they will kill that profile.


Visitors Module FAQ

  • Where is this thing
    • Under construction -> Visitors
  • How many people does the visitors module track
    • 5, 10 or 15. Click update to change the option
  • How long are users kept in the list.
    • When a 5/10/15th user visits your site the person who has been in the list longest is removed. Its a FIFO queue.
  • What if someone visits my page and they are not signed into aimpages or aol.
    • They are not tracked
  • Can I delete people from my list.
    • Not at the moment. I'm looking into wiping out everything when the module is deleted and re-added. I am also considering an option to only add people to the list if they have an AIM Pages profile... because some people who are just browsing might not want their screen name exposed. I guess I could also add a popup asking users if they want to be added to the visitor's list.
  • Can I prevent my name from showing up on people's visitors list
    • yes.. If you view pages when you are not signed on.
    • I also have an exclusion list but it is a manual process to add people so forget that I mentioned it.  ;-)

Eyes Module FAQ

Also known as "Links to Me"

  • Where is this thing
    • Under construction -> Eyes
  • How does this thing work?
    • Anytime you click a link to visit a page your browser sends information about the page you just came from. This module saves this information so you can find out who is linking to you.
  • How many items does it track?
    • 5 at the moment.